Thursday, August 25, 2005

BTK and his Victims

Copied from LiveJournal

The following is Charlie Otero's statement about Dennis Rader and the murders of his family members. This is the statement made at the sentencing hearing. I am so impressed.

"My name is Charlie Otero.

I am not here to recant the personal loss I have felt for over 30 years, but to speak for all the members of my family, living and dead. Not only my siblings and I, but the entire families of the Oteros and the Burgoses suffered from the actions of one Dennis Rader.

I would like at this time to state that the criminal actions of Dennis Rader caused irreparable damage to the very fabric of my blood family: sons, daughters, uncles and cousins, a father and mothers, aunts and grandmothers. All lost the precious moments my family's very existence would have brought them during their lifetimes. Their lost lives are missed yet to this day.

Dennis Rader did not ruin my life though. He caused me to challenge my faith, change my future forever, and separated me from the rest of my loved ones for over 30 years. Yet I have never allowed his actions to send me to the dark side. A son's love for his mother would not allow Dennis Rader to tarnish her memory. The lessons I learned from my father and mother transcend the evil doings of Dennis Rader.

No action or sentence bestowed upon Dennis Rader will begin to compare with the reckoning he will endure when his time for judgment comes before the Lord. I truly believe the Lord will pass judgment and sentence as is befitting Dennis Rader's actions and beliefs. No amount of posturing or deception will save him from the eternity he has created for himself with his time here on earth.

I only hope that the sentence passed onto him by the judicial system of the State of Kansas denies him the opportunity to spend his remaining days with anyone or anything besides himself, for that is more than he deserves.

Despite Dennis Rader's efforts to destroy my family, we survive, stronger and closer now more than ever. Our love for each other was forged with pain and loss. Yes, it took years of straying down different paths, but in the end we all, Danny, Carmen and I have found our ways back to each other with the unity and love to be proud of.

As far as I'm concerned, when it is all done, Dennis Rader has failed in his effort to kill the Oteros.

Thank you."


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